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Announcement: Cancer Walks

A group participating in a Komen Race for the ...

Participating in cancer walks can be a great way to fight cancer and support those who are dealing with the challenges of cancer. Cancer affects all of us, either directly or indirectly.

If you don’t believe cancer affects you, consider these statistics. According to the American Cancer Society, more than 1.4 million new cases of diagnosed cancer will occur this year alone. In 2004, there were approximately 10.8 million people who had a history of cancer. Last year the cost of cancer was estimated to be over $200 Billion dollars! Cancer does affect all of us.

Cancer walks don’t only raise funds for worthy charities that battle cancer every day. They also help create an awareness and can even be used to recruit volunteers and advocates for the cause.

The purpose of each cancer walk is different. The money raised may go to a nonprofit organization that deals with many forms of cancer or one specific form. Decide where your passion is and get involved in a cancer walk that aligns with your passion.

Some of the more popular cancer walks include:

  • Relay for Life (American Cancer Society)
  • Breast Cancer 3-Day (Susan G. Komen for the Cure)
  • Avon Walk for Breast Cancer (Avon Foundation)
  • Making Strides Against Breast Cancer (American Cancer Society)
  • Lung Cancer Walk (LUNGevity Foundation)

Search out a cancer walk in your area and get involved. You can play a part in wiping out the disease and supporting those who deal with cancer until it is only a memory.

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Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure® | Whose Life Are You Running For?

Register today at komencnm.org for the Susan G. Komen Central New Mexico Race for the Cure.

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Alberta Weekend to End Women’s Cancers: 2011 Opening Ceremonies

Join us for the 2012 Weekend: http://cl12.endcancer.ca/
Visit Us: http://www.facebook.com/AlbertaWeekend

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Link With Pink 2010 Hinsdale Middle School Chicago Avon Walk for Breast Cancer Promotional Video

Link With Pink is a student-led, service-oriented committee at Hinsdale Middle School in Hinsdale, Illinois. Link With Pink is also a team of participants in the Chicago Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. Together, we raise awareness and funds for breast cancer research and treatment while linking our schools and community. This video illustrates the wonderful collaboration we share in the effort to end breast cancer in our lifetimes. We are In It to End It!

Please Donate To Our Cause! Please write checks to the the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer and mail them to Hinsdale Middle School, Attention: Jane Herron, 100 South Garfield, Hinsdale, Illinois, 60521.
Alternately, you can donate online at:

Please choose a team member from the list to receive your generous donation.


VIDEOGRAPHER AND GRIP John Marques and Manny Marques

SURVIVORS – Kathy Effinger, Joyce Macal, Mary Ellen Kuikman, Jane Herron, Sue Kamuda, Elaine Sledz, Mary Curley

HINSDALE BANK AND TRUST Dennis Jones, Corkey Corley, Janet Pack

Nicole Labun, Libby Morris, Jillian Hanley, Gigi Spiega, Ryan Albelda, Claire Hultquist,
Anne Hardies, Joanna Jacobs, Claire Baiocchi, Colleen Allen, Jack Cherry, Sarah Kreger, Addy Stafford, Meaghan Moore

FULLERS CAR WASH – Mario Martinez, Honorio Ilanos, Cuauhtemoc Mendiola

FIRE FIGHTERS AND POLICE OFFICERS – Mike Coughlin, Mark Wodka, Erik Bernholdt, Joe Rauen, Diane Petrovic, Andy Ziemer, Kevin Baker

HARRIS BANK – Jeana Pavoni, Ashley Contreras, Janna Cosby, Tony Arciero, Kirk Dillard, Dilene Bishop, Hubert the Harris Lion, Manoj Enas, Nello Selvaggio, Brian Dolezal, Anna Meyer

Ruben Pena, Martha Henrikson, Gail Vescovi, Sally Cuchna, Mary Ording

JADE DRAGON – Lop Chin and Wai Cheng

ZINGELMANS – Bob Roth and Herb Roth, Kathy Hanley, Jackie Fallon, Lee Anne Wright, Tiffany Cruickshank, Kristen Orput, Sharon Theoharous

HINSDALE FRUIT STORE Karen Rosner-Smith, Zach Yurchak, John Yurchak and Steve Yurchak

COLD STONE CREAMERY – Joe Zigurski , Nicole Labun, Wes Berger, Paige Pielet, Jenny Savinski, Marissa Meyer (Anne, Ryan, Claire, Gigi, Jillian, Meaghan, Libby, Joanna)

HINSDALE LIBRARY – Becca Boland, Lisa Goetzelman, Pilar Shaker, Michaela Haberkern, Esther Chase, Connie DelBarba, Becky Haagsma


MUSIC MIX DVDJ Johnny D and DJ Tom LaRoc

CREATIVE CONSULTANTS Janna Cosby and Lisa Stafford

Duration : 0:5:20

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Susan G. Komen – 3-Day for the Cure – Getting Started Video

This video is 6:15 minutes long. During the time it takes you to watch it, over 5 women across the world will loose their life to breast cancer! That’s one every 69 seconds. 🙁 One person’s Mother, another person’s sister, a daughter, a wife, an Aunt or a best friend… 🙁

I watched this video during my “Getting Started” meeting for my first walk in 2011. Never had I attended a meeting and cried. I was moved beyond words at what I’ve heard and seen! I had to find this video and share it with everyone! “The cure starts with me, you, You and YOU!”

It will take you less than 69 seconds to make a donation! your donation will be put to use the next day! If you’d like to make a donation, my fundraising website is http://bit.ly/dipa3Day12 Or you can donate to any other participant by clicking on the [Donate to a Participant] button from the 3 Day event website http://www.the3Day.org. You can also find further information from here too.

Thank you. Lets be part of the solution, and not wait for reality to hit us hard, and then try and do something! Lets try and find that cure sooner rather than later, and make the future better for our children!

Duration : 0:6:15

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