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School cancer walk tomorrow what should I bring?

I have a school cancer walk tomorrow! We have to walk about 10km there and 10km back and we are aloud to bring a small bag to put like bandaids and stuf in but i don’t know what to bring?
We are walking on pavement and it takes about 3-4 hours to walk there and back! I just need like a supplies list kind of to bring with me!

Lots of water
extra clothes (look at the weather)
good shoes
bandaids, first aid kit
snacks (granola bars)

What to name my colon cancer walk team name?

I am walking for the colon cancer foundation and I am putting together a team of boys and girls (friends and brother). we are all in our 20’s and want a creative team name. I am doing this walk specifically for supporting my dad who battles stage 3 colon cancer but is now on his way to recovery 🙂 Anyway, i REALLY cannot think of any creative names for this team. any suggestions?

there is several coming to mind…




sorry about your dad, but your team should think and choose the name…

What would you suggest for training and nurtition?

I am doing the Susan G. Komen walk for Breast Cancer in July. It’s a 60 mile walk over th course of 3 days and I was just wondering how one would go about training for this and what the proper nutrition would be while in training. Thanks.

you should hit the gym..
do high rep weight training…
and then do cardio exercise……
thats a good way to build stamina

take creatine and also use whey protien…

eat alot of vegetables
and proteins
and healthy carbs