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How do you organize a walk for breast cancer?

My friends and I would like to organize a walk for our friend’s mom who died a year ago from breast cancer. It’s breast cancer month and we want to do something in remembrance, and something that will contribute to the cause. We were considering doing the Susan G. Komen walk for the cure, but we decided that we wanted to organize a specific walk for her. How do you organize a walk? Any links or information would be helpful, thanks.

Ever thought of contacting your local news paper or news station for advertising or announcements?? You can also go to your local church and let them know a date and time this even will take place. You can make fliers and post them on community boards and light poles in populated areas. Word of mouth is probably the best thing. Does your community have a local website where it announces activities to do in your area? Most towns do and if yours does you can most likely contact them via their website to post your even info. Just do a local search like, activities in _______. Or community activities in ___(fill in your town)__. That kind of thing. Good luck! I think its a great idea! 🙂

What should I name my breast cancer walk team?

My mom is going through treatment right now to overcome breast cancer, so we decided to make a team for family and friends to be in the breast cancer walk this summer.

Some things about us:
Her name is Teresa
We will be wearing pink
She loves peace signs
There are many people, male and female
We love profanity.

Please help us out, we want a clever name that is also cool for fundraisers.

Breast Friends (sounds like best friends)

Peace of Mind

Teresa Trailers

Eff off Cancer! (sounds like the F word, but replace it with Eff)