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2006 3-Day Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Walk- Tampa, Florida

This was an amazing experience for me. I was asked by my friend, Judy Jenkins to help her and her team with whatever they needed from documenting the event to moving their belongings from one hotel to the next. I was deeply moved and very impressed with how organized the event was. I highly recommend either walking, volunteering to help a team and definitely donating to someone that is walking. To donate to my friend, go to and search for Judy Jenkins. Thank you for watching, Angel

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Ovarian Cancer. EFT. Tapping off a Fear of an ovarian cancer.

This video is for those who are afraid of getting or having an ovarian cancer.

This video is a reflection of forwarded chain emails about “walks” “awareness” “warning” etc. I very much dislike forwarding this type of emails because I don’t want to expand the wrong energy. We all know that what you focus on expands. For that reason, I refuse to expand all kinds of walks and awareness of illnesses and wars and for a long time didn’t forward those type of emails. However, today I’d decided to do something about it.

If I keep receiving them, that means I have a fear that attracts this type of messages. And as we all know, we manifest what we’re fear of or strongly believe in. So, I’d decided to tap off all the fears gradually as the messages would come in in the future. I’d decided to create videos, so you’d be able to tap them off as well and instead of spreading the fear with chain emails, you may as well spread the freedom from it.

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