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Video: Tamika Felder Talks Cervical Cancer Awareness News Channel 8/TBD Anchor Melanie Hastings interviews Tamika Felder about National Cervical Cancer Awareness Month (January). The organization Tamika & Friends, Inc. was founded by cervical cancer survivor and advocate Tamika Felder who was diagnosed at age 25 and had to undergo a hysterectomy, chemo and radiation. She founded the organization Tamika & Friends, Inc. to raise awareness of the disease, educate women on how it is preventable and the links between cervical cancer and HPV. When Tamika was diagnosed there was no HPV test or vaccine.

In 2010, the American Cancer Society projected that more than 12,000 women will be diagnosed with cervical cancer and nearly 4,000 will die.
Cervical cancer is caused by “high-risk” types of the human papillomavirus (HPV). According to the Centers for Disease Control at least 50 percent of sexually active women will have HPV at some point in their lives.
One of the major issues with this disease is lack of education on its causes and how it can be prevented. Early detection through pap tests and HPV testing are key. Tamika can address all of these issues as well as share her personal story with cervical cancer. The organization sponsors cervical cancer walks in New York, Washington, D.C. and Summerville, South Carolina annually. Tamika travels the country speaking on this issue and is also a survivor spokesperson for the Lance Armstrong Foundation. Tamika is a Washington, D.C. based television host.

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Team name for Susan G Komen, Race For The Cure?

I am looking for a fun "team name" for the Susan G Komen, Race For the Cure, Breast Cancer walk/run. Our team is mostly women, however, I have my husband and possibly a few other men who want to participate as well.

Any suggestions for a fun name that isn’t too over the top?

what is a funny team name for breast cancer walk?

were doing a breast cancer walk around the local college campus and the groups need names but we cant think of one. there’s maybe 3 or 4 girls in the group, and we want a funny group name or something. any ideas?

*btw– if we pick one submitted it will be used and printed on shirts were having made

Walking to support breasts. (In cancer research <– small print).

Breasts need our ‘walk for cancer’ support.

Wanna feel uplifted? Support our walk for breast cancer.