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How much does it cost to participate in the 3 day breast cancer walk?

I know it is around $2,500, but is that per person on a team? Or just per team? I cannot seem to find an answer!

What you do is go on the site of the organization that you are walking for. There they will give you the information you need. Susan G.Koman will have all that for you. $2,500 seems an awful lot for one person. I personally don’t understand why they charge volunteers money to walk for them. You are doing them a favor. I think the walker should be able to get pledges. I am grateful to all walkers. You are angels on earth. Thank you

Ideas to help rasie money for Susan G Komen 3day walk…?

I am a first time walker in Dallas/Fort Worth area walking in the 3day Susan G Komen in Nov 2008. I have never raised any money for a charity before and wanted some help with ideas on what to do. I have to raise a min $2,200.00 to walk.
Could you please help me out with some ideas to rasie the money?

Thank you

You could have a car wash fundraiser. Or talk to a local church or school about your idea to raise money for your cause. Maybe they would be interested in hosting a pancake breakfast or BBQ dinner. Something along those lines? Or maybe even a Rummage sale where everyone donates there used items. And all of the proceeds go to your cause? You could pass out fliers to local businesses…etc. to get the word out about the event. Also utilize local free Internet resources.

I hope this helps! 🙂


Can someone explain to me what a Pledge packet for a breast cancer walk is for?

Like can someone explain to me the process of this? At my school we’re having a breast cancer walk and we need to purchase these pledge packets. I don’t understand the whole process of these pledges. Can someone please explain to me in detail how I do all this?

A pledge, my young friend, is another word for promise. i.e. you promise to give so much and stick to it.

Avon Breast Cancer Walk, the Breast Friends-In it to End it

With help from Scheck Industries and countless other supporters, life-long friends Megan Scheck, Katie Scheck, Megan Feinberg, Cori Spellman, Michelle Spellman, and Denise Howe pulled together when Cori and Michelle’s big sister Janice McCauley was in the throes of battle with Breast Cancer. She is currently in remission.

The six devoted friends threw a joyful party in La Grange, Illinois attended by more than 200 advocates for fun and ending this horrible disease. The party was complete by live music from Betty Soul donated by Megan Scheck’s cousins Steve and Devon Marth as well as countless silent Auction items.

When the partying was done the friends along with honoree Janice tied up their sneakers and hit the pavement with thousands of dedicated walkers in a sea of pink. Over two days and 39 miles altered the lives of thousands affected by breast cancer worldwide.

The money raised will provide women and men the breast cancer screening, support and treatment they need regardless of their ability to pay, and fund leading-edge research teams across the country to find a cure. Together, the Breast Friends raised over $20,000.

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