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A truth about Breast Cancer and Pink Ribbons

Why so much emphasis on breast cancer and pink ribbons?? Is it making a difference??

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Truman walks – Truman walks at a Tulsa mall

Truman is our now 10 year old son who was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, bone cancer when he was 9, in June 2009. He bravely and courageously underwent the amputation of his right leg on 10/29/09 to battle the cancer. He is learning to walk again with his prosthetic leg. Tonight we are walking at the Tulsa mall to give him a comfortable indoor environment to practice walking in. He finished almost a year of chemo on May 25th, 2010

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Remembering Emily: Help Put An End to Canine Cancer

• Canine cancer is the number one killer of dogs over the age of two: 50% of dogs will battle cancer during their lifetime. One in four will die.
• More than 1 million dogs live in Colorado. Current statistics mean 500,000 Colorado dogs will battle cancer and 250,000 — about twice the human population of Fort Collins — will die from the disease.
• Morris Animal Foundation K9 Cancer Walks are fundraisers for the Foundation’s Canine Cancer Campaign, a global effort to treat, cure and, ultimately, prevent canine cancer.

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Lunchie Walks in the 2010 Tampa Bay Breast Cancer 3-Day

Since 2005 I have crewed in the Tampa Bay 3-Day supporting the thousands of walkers in their journey of 60 miles in the fight against breast cancer. This year I will be walking. Please watch this video if you have been affected by breast cancer whether it be a family yourself, a family member, friend, or even an acquaintances.

No matter how it has affected you I would love to encourage you to watch this video, donate to the Breast Cancer 3-Day, and pass it on to another person who share the want and need to fight against breast cancer.

To donate please go to, select a participant, my name is Kenneth Slaughterbeck, click on make a donation button, and make a donation. I recommend $ 60 for the 60 miles that I will be walking, but every dollar counts. Remember in most cases charitable donations can be tax deductable.

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