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What to expect at a Breast Cancer Walk!?

Hi! My aunt has, almost for 7 months now, and she invited our family to go to the Making Strides Breast Cancer Walk on October 17, and me and my mom are going, and we ordered our T-shirts and everything.

What do I expect the walk to be like? I like to walk, I can walk a long distance, and I know it’s for a good cause, but what do I expect? Thanks!

probably and easy walk… its not like a marathon for athletes.

Healing for Breast Cancer 5 & 10K Walk/Run 康熙來了

Brant Arts Healing Run/Walk for Breast Cancer, saying funny & jokes. Hello Everyone,It’s that time of year again for our… Brant Arts & Langford IDA Healing for Breast Cancer 5 & 10k Walk/Run Saturday, June 12, 2010 at 10:00am. Bronte Creek Provincial Park Excitement is mounting for this great event in support of Breast Cancer Support Services. This year we are expecting an even greater turnout with lots of prizes for teams and individual pledges. Pledging is available at or Pledging on-line is easy! Simply register and then send an email to all your friends asking them to pledge under your name. With $60.00 or more in pledges, your registration fee will be waived. Pledge forms can be downloaded at Specially designed medals for both 5 and 10 k winners in the top 3, in 5 year age category increments will be awarded. $150 or more in pledges receive a gift certificate. Register early to receive one of the 300 t-shirts available. Help us to reach our goal of $50,000 this year by encouraging your friends and family members to walk or run the 5 or 10k, or simply support us with an on-line pledge! Together we can make a difference for individuals affected by Breast Cancer! We look forward to seeing you on June 12th at Bronte Creek Provincial Park. Thank you for your support. Blair, Laura, Cathie, Charlene, Kelly & everyone from Breast Cancer Support Services and VRPro! 康熙來了 康熙夏日限定甜品鑑賞 無賴!毒男一人霸兩座 正義少女斥其非 毒男~~~!(你老師點教你)

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