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any ideas for team names for the susan g. komen walk for the cure?

we’re a group of junior girls in high school and we need a name for the susan g. komen race.
the ones we have right now are:
-save the tatas
-pretty pink ribbons
-bustin babes
-breast friends

please list any ideas, pun/joke/funny=good!

I’m going to ask you, as someone who’s had breast cancer, not to use ‘save the tatas’ or anything of that kind – I really don’t like references to TaTas, boobs and the like when dealing with breast cancer, even when it’s for a fun event like this.

I find it demeaning, and trivialising of a life threatening illness.

It’s only breast cancer where people consider such things appropriate, no other type of cancer; I doubt you would consider calling your team ‘Team Goolies’ or ‘Save the Nads’ if it was for testicular cancer,

Breast cancer is a deadly disease, with disfiguring surgery, grueling treatments and no cure. Sexualising breasts in this way, and calling breasts by childish names, just adds to the popular notion of breast cancer as a trivial and somehow ‘sexy’ disease.

We should be campaigning for breast cancer awareness because it’s a deadly disease – it kills an average of 112 women in the US every day, and an average of 33 women in the UK every day – not because we want to save ‘tatas’

I’m not saying we should be completely humuorless about cancer; I’ve had breast cancer and I’ve had a mastectomy, and dark humour – what I and my friends who’ve had cancer refer to as ‘tumour humour’ – kept me going sometimes in those hideous days of treatment.

But I find slogans like ‘save the tatas’, ‘save second base’ and ‘I love boobies’ insulting and demeaning. And the images that usually accompany them somehow all the more inappropriate as 80% of women diagnosed are over 50 and the average age at diagnosis is over 60.

Of the ones you suggest, I’d go with Breast Friends.

Would volunteering for the breast cancer walk be considered community service?

Hi, I am asking this question for my boyfriend who needs 6 hours of community service, that was one of his requirements when he was sentenced. The race for the cure walk is coming up and I usually volunteer to help register people ad hand out shirts. Would that be considered community service? If not, what are some places he could go to, to volunteer. I need something quick because his court date is soon. Thank you!
The did not give him any list of options at all.

Since this is court ordered community service, you need to have him check with his attorney, the court, or the prosecuting attorney to make sure it counts. Hope this helps.

Is it illegal to sell bracelets for charity on the street?

me and my friends are thinking about selling breast cancer awareness bracelets for susan g komen for the cure and we were wondering if we could sell them on the street like walk around and sell them??? i live in a small town so i was wondering if it was ok or not??

You may want to check with the city and if you need a sales permit. Also, if you are selling for charity, you’d have to obtain a license from that charity and a certain proceeds of your money would have to go to them. You can’t just use the Susan G. Komen name (or any other recognized charity’s name) associated with your sales. Otherwise, you’d be guilty of fraud by misrepresentation.

‘Second GO PINK! Walk Against Breast Cancer’, May 16, 2010

On Sunday, May 16th the NGOs BORKA and Integrity Alfa Omega, along with support from the US Embassy, local businesses and media sponsors successfully organized the second GO PINK walk in order to raise breast cancer awareness in Macedonia. 2000 people converged on the City Park in the early afternoon. The festivities kicked off with short speeches from Ambassador Reeker and Mrs. Reeker. Mrs. Reeker emphasized that the success of this action was due to the hundreds of people who supported and participated in this event. She went on to say that the keys to successful humanitarian efforts in the U.S. are not big businesses or governments, but rather the common people who volunteer their time to make the world a better place. The crowd then set off on the 3 KM walk through the city. People of all ages and backgrounds arrived from more than twelve different cities and walked side by side in order to support this positive cause. The masses of people who trekked through Skopje in their bold pink shirts sent a clear message that they support breast cancer awareness and are willing to donate their time and money to further explore new methods for curing and treating this disease.
Mrs. Ivanov, the first lady, together with several high government officials and the Diplomatic Corps joined the walk and supported the noble cause.
During the walk Gorska Voda donated bottles of water and kept people well hydrated as they walked in the warm summer day. It was also very encouraging to see that several local businesses stepped up to the plate and helped support this event. Alkaloid AD Skopje, QBE, Remedika and Sofija- Print Design led the way with the biggest donations but other companies also contributed. As everyone filed back into the City Park, performances by some of the most popular bands in Macedonia continued the day of fun. Volunteers were able to enjoy good music, great friendship, and lots of laughter while supporting this wonderful cause.
In the end Integrity Alfa Omega and BORKA raised hundreds of thousands of Denars to support breast cancer patients. We hope to see your support in future actions that bring awareness to issues such as breast cancer, which affects all people regardless of religion, sex, ethnicity, or age. We also encourage you to contact BORKA if you are interested in making a donation to this worthy cause. NAPRED ROZOVO!!

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