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Help, Any ideas for a team name for the Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk?

Me and my mom are going to be doing the 3-Day Walk for Breast Cancer Research. I’m having trouble coming up with a team name and I want to get us registered tonight. Any ideas appreciated. Also we are members of Weight Watchers so I was thinking of putting that in there in someway but maybe not.

Strong Women
The Pink Girls

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howmuch doi have to raise in order to walk the cancer walks?

Please help? i have a friend who has cancer age 10 (much younger than me) and i want to walk for him.
i am doing a few all around the US and AUSTRALIA

Which cancer walks are you participating in? A lot don’t require pledges/ minimums, but others do. I know the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life requires each team member to raise at least $100 USD. Check with the actual walks to make sure.

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Best Way To Lose Weight Through Walking

Walking is the most conventional and easiest approach towards losing weight. You’re not hearing it erroneously; you can get physically fit by walking. It’s been proven and tested that speed walking burns fat fast that anyone can engage into. Other than it being a no-harsh approach, it’s the least expensive, most convenient and simplest form that young and old fitness buffs can take as the best way to lose weight.

While most people are crazy about the latest fad in losing weight, others are content with walking their way around the oval or park to burn calories at the start of every single day. Morning walks are advisable and practically healthy as you are allowing yourself to catch a breath of fresh air. After all, the human species are designed to move, stride and stomp their feet. Are you debating about why walking is effective? Read on to learn in what ways walking can becomes an effective fat-burning exercise for you.

Among all weight loss programs, walking is taken to be integrated in all cardio routines. You walk on the treadmill to condition your system and awaken muscles while burning calories. As you move your feet, you are alarming other body parts to cooperate so that bad cholesterol are taken out of your system. Many athletes do breast walking as it can burn fat faster than a standard walk. Speeding up your walks activates your bodily system to perspire. As you sweat out, your heart begins to pump more oxygen and distributes it through other body parts. This permits your bloodstream to break down sugar so that they are not stored for long. Blood sugar can increase body weight, so it’s fitting that they are taken out.

Do you notice that when you walk longer than usual, your perspiring seems unstoppable? Waking still remains as the safest and best way to lose weight if you hate strenuous routines and strict diet. The key is doing it in early mornings and on a regular basis to get best results. By simply walking kilometers and miles on your scheduled hours day by day, you will reach your targeted weight.

You don’t have to be shelling big bucks and straining your body after all. Take walking as the core of your weight loss program and let your heart take you to a fat burning zone. Walking as much distance as possible will increase your chances of burning more calories and thus reducing your bodily weight.

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Soldier In Pink ~Live In Chicago 3-Day Walk

3 Days 60 Miles 1 Goal
A World Without Breast Cancer

The most grueling, humbling , rewarding event in which I was blessed to be a small part of the event as well as the entertainment festivites.
I will walk every year for all the ladies who cant.

Thank You 3-Day
For Making Me A Small Part Of Something Larger Than Us All~The Gift Of Life~

~Darryl Markette~

Soldier In Pink
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Alone lost and broken
Dying to be set free
She prays the unheard prayer
Of a solider dressed in pink
Wont you set her???

You can only run so far
You can only run so fast
Now we have our share hardships
But this girls on her knees
This wasnt where she started
And its not how shes gonna leave
Wont you set her free Lord???
This Solider in Pink

You can only run so far
You can only run so fast
When your running for yourself
Or your loved one that has past
To be set free
First you gotta believe
Youre a solider in pink

YES a solider in pink
Youre a solider in pink

Yes Its darkest before dawn
In this valley there aint no peaks
So I sing this little song
for those ladies dressed in pink

Wont you set them free Lord???

Yes Your Soldiers in Pink

You can only run so far
You can only run so fast
When your running for yourself
Or your loved one that has past
You can cry why me?
Or you can just believe
Youre a solider in pink

YES a solider in pink
Youre all soldiers in pink

You can only run so far
You can only run so fast
You can only run so far
You can only run so fast

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