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Q-Factor Ladies Insole by Spenco

Q-Factor Ladies Insole by Spenco

Q-Factor TM ?Insoles by Spenco For walking, running, jogging and everyday use. Women are prone to certain injuries because of an increased quadriceps angle (Q-angle) compared to men 18o vs. 13o. This increased Q-angle contributes to poor body alignment resulting in pressure on a womans knees, hips and back. The Spenco Q-FactorTM? Insole is specifically designed to address a womans unique Q-angle with targeted foot support. The result is better body alignment and improved balance, helping to reduce the risk of injury.?Women’s Sizes: 3 to 12??We expect to begin shipping this item the third week in March 2006.If you wish, you may place your order now to reserve your Q-Factor insoles. Please note that your credit card will be charged at the time you place your order. Free shipping on your new Q-Factor Insoles if you place your order before March 18th. Normal Q-AngleMales 13oFemales 18o?TARGETED COMFORT FOR A WOMANS FOOT?Spenco is proud to donate a portion of the proceeds from each sales of the Q-Factor Insole to further support Breast Cancer initiatives. For more information, please contact Spenco at 800-877-3626.?

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Backpack – Early Detection Nylon Drawstring Backpack – Great for Everyday, Cancer Walks and Travel

Backpack - Early Detection Nylon Drawstring Backpack - Great for Everyday, Cancer Walks and Travel

The Best Protection is Early Detection Pink Drawstring Backpack Lightweight and fashionable nylon backpack gives survivors, staff and volunteers a great way to carry personal items to work or to breast cancer awareness events. Handy drawstring closure – Light to Carry – Keeps Items Secure Folds to

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y me walk for breast cancer?

any one going to Chicago for the walk for yme breast cancer. I have been attending now for 5 yrs. It's a great cause. My mom has been cancer free now for 5 yrs.

Sorry–not me–I do the Komen 3-day–until this year. I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer on April 13. I'll be back in 2008—-each year I pick a different city.

Good luck to you!!!

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