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Has anyone ever entered the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundations 60 mile walk?

I live in Chicago, and I'm registering this year and I'm trying to get as much info on it as possible. Do you have to pay an entry fee? Do they shut down an area of the city, or do you do laps somewhere. Can you stop in the middle? Can men walk? Can you bring your dog? What's the stipulations? Any info would be greatly appreciated! And if you can think of anything else that I didn't ask, that would be awesome too! Thanks!

Also, if you are in chicago and want to join my team, let me know! It's August 8-10!

I never walked in it, but I do know it typically goes from the far north suburbs to downtown Chicago. You camp out in two locations overnight, or you can go to nearby hotels. Anybody who can pony up the $90 registration fee and raise at least $2,200 can enter it.

Here's the FAQ and the main page for Chicago.

Clever name for a Team?

I am starting a team for the New York Susan G. Komen Breast cancer walk in September, and I need a clever and fun name for my team. We will be a team of both men and women, and of various ages, but mainly 18-30 yr olds. This is the second year that I am doing this but last year we registered as individuals and walked as a group, this year we want to register as a team, walk as a team, and of course reach our donation goal as a team. So please HELP!! any suggestions would be helpful… please post any name that you come up with.

this may seem lame but, a play on words as in survior of breast cancer plus your walking to benefit your health in being fit as well as for a cause. so, it may seem lame but, here it goes..

Survival of the Fittest

Cured Hams (walking for a cure and your hamstrings)

Chicken Legs (chicken breasts, group walking)

One Boob, Deserves Another (some deal with masectomies not neccessarily death). hope the guys won't get offended.

sorry, this is the best I can do at the moment….laughter is the best medicine… hope you like my warped sense of humor.
Good luck to your team… Great Cause! take care.