Susan G. Komen Philadelphia 3-Day 2010 Opening Ceremony

This is just another awesome chapter in “Tara’s Journey”…We traveled from Cleveland, Ohio to walk in the “City Of Brotherly Love”. Watch this video of the opening ceremonies, featuring our good friend Anne Moss carrying the “Optimism” flag in the Survivor Circle. Very emotional video to watch if you have ever been effected by breast cancer, Jenne Fromm is the national spokes women for Susan G. Komen and you can feel her pastion for this cause in her voice.

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What would you suggest for training and nurtition?

I am doing the Susan G. Komen walk for Breast Cancer in July. It’s a 60 mile walk over th course of 3 days and I was just wondering how one would go about training for this and what the proper nutrition would be while in training. Thanks.

you should hit the gym..
do high rep weight training…
and then do cardio exercise……
thats a good way to build stamina

take creatine and also use whey protien…

eat alot of vegetables
and proteins
and healthy carbs

Team name ideas for breast cancer walk?

I am doing the Susan Komen 3-day walk in July. Any ideas for a good team name? Men are on the team so I want a name that they wont mind wearing on a t-shirt

Everyone there knows that you are there to support the charity concerned so there is no point in looking for a name that relates to that.

It is good to see the diversity of the groups walking, so aim for a name that reflects your group and what makes them special.

It may be that you work together, live in the same street, etc so choose a name that reflects that.

Another idea is to take everyone’s initial and see if you can make a word from that.

It may also be that you are all there as friends of someone who has dealt with this disease, in that case a team name that included their name is often a good idea.

Tell us more about why your group is walking and how they know each other and we can try a few suggestions.

Susan G. Comen 3 Day Breast Cancer Walk?

For the 3 day breast cancer walk that is happening in August 2012, you need to raise about $2,300 total in donations alone. How can i raise this kind of money by donations from other people? I am only 14 so i can not get a job yet but i really want to do this.

I think it’s ridiculous and you should be able to give what you are able to RAISE. At 14 years old, your heart is in the right place, and she not even be expected to raise 2300.00 in donations alone.

Susan G Komen Philadelphia walk tomorrow volunteer problem, HELPPPPP!?

So this is very important! My mom and I are suppose to volunteer the last day of breast cancer walk tomorrow, we first choice to do the 6 hour gear unloading but can no longer do that so we want to change shifts to the holding room but it won’t let me cancel my other shift!!! what do i do? do i just show up for the other one? all offices are closed this weekend for i’m really lost, HEEEELLLLP!!!!!

yeah it sounds like thats your only option, or just call as early as you can tomorrow and let them know. They will probably understand; I bet people frequently dont show up (and without cancelling) just make an effort to get in touch with them tomorrow, show up early and tell them in person if you have to. Save The tatas, peace….